New here, looking for info and help

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New here, looking for info and help

Postby newbobolix » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:39 am

Hi all, this is my very first post. My name is Roberto and I woul like to have some more infor about PG and OGT.
I'm actually playing TGC @ TGCTours since september but I do not feel as if I'm playing real golf with 95%FIR and -10 beeing the normal score per round finishing tourneys around -40.
After a short research I discover PG and after reading about RTS-C (I really do not like mouse swing or 3-C methods) I'm seriously considering to buy PG and start a new challenge.
As far as I can understand you @ OTG are running different tournaments at different levels but I read about a RTS Tour played at PRO level.
In case I decide to switch from TGC to PG where would I start my adventure ? Is there a Q school to play before beeing able to play in a tour ?
Last question...I have not been able to find any kind of youtube video played with RTS-C and the last updated version of the game. Can you point me over youtube/twitch videos ?

Thank you for your help

Yes there is a q school for the four non handicapped tours. there is also a handicapped rts tour you may sign up for. Please make sure if you sign up for rts tour you have selected your swing method in your profile. You may belong to rts and 1 other tour at this time. If you do not sign up for rts tour you can only belong to 1 tour. chech out the tour homepages found in in the tour tab from OGT's home page. The forum here is also a good source of info..

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