Knockout Match Play Rules and Guidelines

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Knockout Match Play Rules and Guidelines

Postby HeNs » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:10 pm

The Rules for single elimination knockout match play 1 vs 1

1)Both Players are responsible to use private messages through(PG steam/OGT forum) to set up their matches within a(3)day minimum the player that makes the effort to contact their opponent and if that player gets No Response from that player then contact the Admin.(HeNs)and the proper player will be moved on OGT Team Speak is the best way to set up and play these matches and we encourage all players to do so.

2)Each player is required to make sure that they have their PG/Steam name the same as it is listed in this event so opponents can be found through steam and the players are also required to make sure their OGT private messages are turned on to receive the notifications through their emails...See illustration steps posted in Rules and Guidelines thread on how to do so.

3)After the first round winners are determined those winners from first round and the winners for future rounds moving forward will be responsible to contact their opponents that are waiting in their next rounds. Any winning player that fails to contact the waiting players in next rounds or if the player waiting doesn't respond to the advanced player within the (3) day minimumthat player will concede to a forfeit and the player that lost in previous rounds will be reinstated back into play the round.

4) If Both Players fail to get in contact with one another and don't complete their match within the(3) day minimum in any of the rounds then both players will be eliminated to move the matches forward to next round to keep the event progressing.

5) Players are seeded in the tournament bracket by a automatic randomized tool used by the administratorall players in the event will get an email through the email used to join OGT prior to event when it goes live to play so make sure to check that email.

How to set OGT private messages to notify your email and find private messages and notifications on forum page:

In the upper top right hand corner the notifications icon is the bell and the envelope icon is the private messages

2016-06-15 22_07_09-Action center.jpg
2016-06-15 22_07_09-Action center.jpg (4.18 KiB) Viewed 844 times

Step 1: In that same locations click on your avatar icon

2016-06-15 21_42_09-Action center.jpg
2016-06-15 21_42_09-Action center.jpg (2.08 KiB) Viewed 844 times

Step 2: Click on user control panel

2016-06-15 21_45_31-Action center.jpg
2016-06-15 21_45_31-Action center.jpg (4.77 KiB) Viewed 844 times

Step 3: Click on board preferences

2016-06-15 21_42_50-Settings.jpg
2016-06-15 21_42_50-Settings.jpg (29.84 KiB) Viewed 844 times

Step 4: Click on edit notifications options at bottom of list on left hand side of page

2016-06-16 17_44_57-Cortana.jpg
2016-06-16 17_44_57-Cortana.jpg (8.65 KiB) Viewed 844 times

Step 5: Make sure at the bottom of this page where is says some one sends you a private message that those two boxes have black check marks in the boxes and make sure to click submit button.!

2016-06-15 21_43_31-Action center.jpg
2016-06-15 21_43_31-Action center.jpg (46.37 KiB) Viewed 844 times

Match Play Scheduling Calendar

See the example calendar below that will be in each tournament thread to create a tee time for your matches

Click on the date or dates that you are available to play your match once date is clicked a message window will appear to then type your times and comments and then your opponent will then see your name on the date or dates and then will just click to see time/comments and then they also can confirm with a message if they can play on those dates or possibly another date.


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