Presidents cup last call

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Presidents cup last call

Postby sliceapotomu » Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:42 pm

September 1st is here..... Where are all the international players

we will extend sign ups thru this weekend. If you want to participate please make sure you name is on the list below.

Team Captain's - U.S.A. - SJUDE , INTERNATIONAL - Richybro1

American Player list: Sliceapottomus, HeNs, Sjude, Zmax, Jampaxed, Supster, Wildwil7, Tresclub, SpyderMacAbee, Vader, ChazNewby, JohnDalyOGT, HeavySwinger, TheOtherRick , Mrmagoo007, mcmaximus2

International List : Highfade , Starliner640, altaedm, richybro1, Brendan, billyjj346, TeRmYdOg70, Scousernick

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