Calling All Tournament Directors(Please read)

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Calling All Tournament Directors(Please read)

Postby sliceapotomu » Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:13 am

Thanks for Taking the time to read this.

All T.D.'s Please Update your Knockout posts in a timely manner.

Make sure you End tournament and post screenshot of bracket as soon as possible after your tournament has finished.
Make sure you Update your Post, for your next event, in a day or two after your tournament has ended, in both OGT and Perfect Golf forums. Please update dates and times as well as courses used.
Feel free to talk about and promote your next Knockout event throughout the week to help create some buzz. Feel free to steam message people on your freinds list and let them know about your event
As your Next tournament approaches, maybe the morning of or the night before, delete all old sign up requests and bump your post here in ogt and over in perfect golf forum with a brief message stating new tournament info has been updated. This is alot easier then doing a whole new post each week.

The day of your knock out Please promote Your tournament, often enough w/o being obnoxious, in the main lobby chat in perfect golf game. Other tournament directors can help with this if a tournament director can't be here for hours b4 tournament start. We don't expect T.D.'s tou sit by their computers for 8 hours. As A general guide, if you can Please post in the main lobby in perfect golf every hour(3 or 4 hours b4 start time) that there is an OGT knockout Tourney at xx:xx pm and visit the links in either forum for more information. Please at the very least Come on an hour b4 start time and post tourney times, and again in a half hour, and give a last call 15 min b4 start.

Thanks to all tournament directors for getting the ladder tourneys up and going.

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