Wildwils single elmination KO Tourney Wed 12/06 @6:00pm Eastern

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Wildwils single elmination KO Tourney Wed 12/06 @6:00pm Eastern

Postby wildwil7 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:01 pm

This Tournament is a Head To Head - Single Player vs. Single Player - Match Play - Single Elimination Tournament event.

Check in Starts @5:30 - Eastern All participants must be checked in by 5:55 pm. Check in Via OGT Team Speak Lobby or
by text in JNPG Multiplayer Lobby.

Difficulty Level - Amateur/Pro - All swing methods allowed Players must decide Amateur or Pro before match begins. Otherwise The TD will decide for you.

Date -Dec 06 2016

Time -6:00 PM Eastern USA, (-5) UTC

Courses Used:fishersislandV3, forestlake_v_2,hobsonhouse . Please download these courses and be ready to play right at 6 PM Eastern.

You can Downloaded courses from OGT course reviews at the link below.


1. Be An OGT member and be registered for the OGT Ladder Tour.
(Note: If you participated in the OGT Summer Olympic Events you are already signed up for the OGT Ladder Tour)

2. If you are not an OGT member – You can join the OGT @ [b] http://onlinegolftour.net/home-register.html

3. Sign up for the OGT Ladder Tour @ http://onlinegolftour.net/tour-home.html?id=10033

You can Sign up for this tournament by replying to this post. Then make sure to check in with tournament director 30 Min before the posted start time

Team Speak

Is highly recommended but not mandatory You can download Team Speak @ http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads

Ladder Rules

Please familiarize yourself with OGT ladder rules @ viewtopic.php?f=44&t=2130

Ladder Match Tie Breaker (to keep nightly knock out tournaments moving along at a respectable pace)

In the Event of a tie In ladder tournaments, if there is still a tie after 3 extra holes, The person who was closest to the pin in the least amount of strokes on the third and final hole wins match.
example: If the 3rd hole was a par 5 and no one reached the green in two the person closest to the pin on the 3rd shot will get the win.(must be on the green)
This means if you make it to the third hole in match play extra holes pay attention to your approach shots and the number of strokes it took to get to green.

It is the participants job to know ladder specific rules. Your Tournament Director
has the final say on any inquiries, disputes, or rules challenges.

Match play //Amature and/or Pro difficulty // no mulligans // gimmies =2ft (Difficulty Decided by Players Before Match Starts) (If Disputs Exists - TD Decides)

It is the "match losers" responsibility to report a loss to the winner @ OGT Ladder Tour Link: http://onlinegolftour.net/ladder-report.html?id=10033

Game Setting
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