OGT Ladder INSTRUCTIONS and RULES - PC and Sim Tour

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OGT Ladder INSTRUCTIONS and RULES - PC and Sim Tour

Postby sliceapotomu » Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:45 pm

New Ladder For OGT Tour Members

All members of the JNPG PC Tour and JNPG Simulator Tour can play on OGT Ladder

PC Tour Ladder Standings Page (for reporting losses):

JNPG Simulator Tour Ladder Standings Page (for reporting losses):

ladder page.jpg
ladder page.jpg (140.05 KiB) Viewed 670 times

All players must agree and know before match starts that a ladder match is taking place ( Please do not assume that multiplayer matches are default ladder matches. They are not!!!!)

How to play:
  • Create a lobby game and call it OGT Ladder Match. Allow OGT Ladder players to join or invite them to your game. Once match is over, loser must login to OGT and go report the loss to the winner at the OGT Ladder Standings page.
  • Join an OGT Ladder match from the lobby. Once match is over, follow same instructions as above.
  • Participate in daily/nightly OGT KO (knock out) single elimination events. See OGT forum Ladder Tour section for KO announcements and sign up info.
  • You can play your tour rounds as a ladder match. Join a tour round or invite an OGT ladder tour player to your tour round. Once round is finished, loser must report loss at Ladder Standings page. All players must agree to make the tour round a ladder match

Nightly Ladder Match Tie Breaker (to keep nightly knock out tournaments moving along at a respectable pace)

In the Event of a tie In ladder tournaments, if there is still a tie after 3 extra holes, The person who was closest to the pin in the least amount of strokes on the third and final hole wins match.
example: If the 3rd hole was a par 5 and no one reached the green in two the person closest to the pin on the 3rd shot will get the win.(must be on the green)
This means if you make it to the third hole in match play extra holes pay attention to your approach shots and the number of strokes it took to get to green.

Stroke Match Play will use scorecard matching system


You can report your loss as either Individual Ladder Match, or Team Ladder Match, or both. Reporting a loss for a Team Ladder match will give winners wins in the Team Ladder Standings ONLY. It will not give winners wins in the Individual Ladder Standings. You will still need to report to all winning individuals if you also choose to play your team matches as Individual Ladder matches also.

Individual Ladder Match Reporting:
Used for when you want to report a loss to another player from a 1 vs 1, stroke, skins, and alt-shot match, scramble, greensomes, etc... To report losses to other players from a skins or alt shot match, you must report to each player one at a time.

From Ladder, click on Report a Loss.


In the Winner box for team 1 - Player 1, add one winner ONLY. Then click on Report at the bottom.

Team Match Loss Reporting:
This feature is optional and it's completely separate from the Individual Standings. Used for reporting losses for any team matches. Team matches are the following: 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and 4 vs 4. Modes can be stroke, skins, alt shot, scramble, greensomes, etc...

NOTE: You must only report to 1 winning team at a time. i.e. you played in a 3 team match, the losing team must report to one winning team first. Then they must report again to the other winning team. Only one player from the losing team needs to do the reporting.

NOTE 2: In Loser boxes, add your partner to the 2nd Player box. In the Winners Boxes, add ONLY the two winners you're reporting to.


Ladder rules

OGT's Ladder exists to provide it's users a competitive gaming atmosphere as well as a friendly online community. All players are expected to carry themselves as professionals and hold all other members in this community with the utmost respect. When competing in tournaments, refrain from using any offensive language or behavior. Always give OGT ladder Staff Members the benefit of the doubt and know that their decisions and rulings are not open for debate. In general, and most important of all, be honest and fair in all that you do and have fun while doing so.

General Playing Guidelines

Hardware configuration and reliability is the player's responsibility. If a match is being severely delayed due to a player's bad connection or computer problems, the Tournament Staff reserves the right to disqualify that player. Be sure to test out all of your hardware equipment before the tournament so that you are ready to compete on time.

Obtain a strong understanding of both the game and the platform on which it is played. The players are responsible for familiarizing themselves with both the game being played, as well as the platform on which it is played. If there are any problems or questions regarding the platform, they must be settled between the player and the Tournament Director OGT Admin.

Specific Playing Guidelines

Specific tournament rules will vary for each tournament depending on Ladder, League, or format. A complete list of rules for each tournament can be viewed by. Contact the hosting Tournament Director for any questions regarding a scheduled tournament.


Failure to report your loss in a timely manner after completion of match will result in a suspension from OGT Tour.

Please Note:

* Faking an unreport, or a real match is a serious offense. You will be suspend from OGT Tour if you do so.
*For pc players, If you're in-active for 15 days, your ladder rating will be reduced by admin reporting loss from the inactive player to last player on ladder ranking. If you are going on vacation just let an admin know. this will start April 30th 2018 and bi monthly thereafter.
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Re: New OGT Ladder Tour (under construction)

Postby HoganWoods » Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:35 am

3on3 will also work fine.

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Re: OGT Ladder INSTRUCTIONS and RULES - PC and Sim Tour

Postby sliceapotomu » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:11 am

updated to reflect new inactivity rule

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