How to Resume an OGT PG Tournament Round

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How to Resume an OGT PG Tournament Round

Postby Zmax » Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:14 pm

How to properly resume a tournament round:

  • So you don't get penalized.
  • So all your stats for the round are transferred to OGT.

In order to resume properly, you need to use the EXIT button or end the PG game task, if the game becomes locked up or steam crashes. NEVER EVER use the "End Round" button. If you exit properly, you will then be able to use the "Resume Round" button which should show up on the MAIN PAGE next time you open up Perfect Golf.

If you play another golf game in between your resume, your resume for that round will disappear and your stats for the first holes you played will be lost and your statistics will be flawed.

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