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SkyTrak hints and tips

Postby v8burble » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:32 am

In order to help people get the best possible SkyTrak experience I wanted to share a few hints/tips

1) The laser dot is just a guide. I understand that the ideal focal point for the SkyTrak lens' is 29.7cm - essentially the same as sliding an A4 sheet of paper between the side of the SkyTrak and the ball. To explain this, the laser dot will move nearer or further from the unit depending on the tilt of the unit or the heights of the SkyTrak and hitting surface, but the ideal focal point remains the same distance.
2) For stronger drivers of the golf ball, it may help to place the ball a little behind the dot (eg further from the target). For higher lofted shots maybe a little in front of the dot (eg nearer to the target)
3) Pointing the logo of a golf ball towards the SkyTrak could help with calculation of spin (it appears that this has had a major effect for some, and little effect for others.)

Hope this helps..
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