Premier turf and Monster turf (SlickThings)

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Premier turf and Monster turf (SlickThings)

Postby RacerMan » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:09 am

I bought a Premier turf and a Monster turf from SlickThings some weeks ago and now I have tried them both and just thought I should share what I think about them.

First, both turfs are really good quality. I don't think it's possible to wear them out so it's most likely a one time buy.
I have destroyed 3 original turfs and cracked one Optishot in about 6 months :lol:

With these turfs mounted, the Optishot sensor is protected and now I can really hit down on the ball without cracking it.

The Premier turf looks and feels alot like the original turf but the grass is about one inch thick and a peg could be placed anywhere on the turf.

The Monster turf has even thicker grass and is a bit softer to hit balls from.

At first I had some problems with missreads from the sensor due to the ball and club is further away from the sensors and I also lost distace due to the turf slowing the club down after hitting the ball.
But something that worked great for me was moving the ball forward, closer to the second row of sensors.

I do like the Premier turf better than the Monster. I think it feels more like real life but they are both great products.

Thats my thoughts on this.
I know lots of golfers in here use the turfs, so feel free to fill in the blanks.
Anyone managed to wear one out?

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