PG Sim Tour Ryder Cup - Procedure of Play

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PG Sim Tour Ryder Cup - Procedure of Play

Postby JohnMeyer » Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:36 am

Day 1 Matches will go live shortly. The following procedures will apply to all matches.

1. The Host player from your match will go to the Tournaments Tab and select Play on the correct days match.

2. Once in the lobby he will invite to the match the correct players, and ensure that team colours are allocated to the correct players, USA as Red, World as Blue

3. The match will be played as a stroke play match due to an API bug, so players MUST manually keep track of the current overall matchplay score, ie USA 1UP etc. In the event of a crash or major disconnect where an Official Resume isnt possibe, the current score must be known so I can setup the match again to resume with the correct score and on the correct hole.

4. For ball matches may be played 1v1 and then the scores combined once both matches completed to calculate the matchplay result. All Players ensure you screen shot the scorecards (F12 in game) on completion to ensure that calculation is made easier.

5. The match only needs to be played until the point where the match is decided using matchplay play scoring, ie only need to play 17 holes if a team is 2 holes up, ie a 2&1 win.

6. Upon completion of the match both teams must notify there respective captain of the result, and both Captains must report the score to myself so I can add it to the scoring site.

7. In the event of a crash or disconnect of any players that are not the Host, if possible, the disconnected players must at first try to use the official resume on the Home tab. If this is not successful the Host should then try to re invite the player back into the game.

8. In the event of the Host crashing, the host must at first use the Official Resume, and then can invite the other players back into the game. If the Official Resume doesnt function then the Host must inform me of the last hole completed, and the matchplay score prior to the crash and I will update the match. The Host can then carry out the procedure from step 1, where it will now say Resume, instead of Play.
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